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Why Working in an Assisted Living Facility Is the Perfect Career Option

Have you ever considered a career in the healthcare industry? If so, you are not alone. In fact, the recent job reports show that more people work in healthcare than in any other industry. One major source of these healthcare jobs is assisted living facilities, and for good reasons. There are many benefits of working in an assisted living facility.


Here’s a look at the top reasons why working in an assisted living facility is a great career option.

Growth Opportunities

If you are looking for a career you can grow in, a job at an assisted living facility is the place to go. There are many entry-level positions, such as RA (Resident Assistant), receptionist or line cook, within a senior center that require minimal or no prior work experience or training. If you want to grow in these careers additional education and training can help you advance to an LPN or RN position, an office manager position, or a position as a nutritionist. You can continue to build your skills throughout your career and still find new job opportunities in the assisted living field. 

Positive Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. BLS predicts that more than 2.4 million new jobs will be added in the healthcare industry over the next decade. This presents a very good job outlook and provides great job security for those considering a career in healthcare.

While not all these jobs will be in assisted living centers, a fair share of them will be. The US Census Bureau estimates that by 2030, more than 20 percent of the population will be seniors. Those seniors, in growing numbers, are going to be looking for senior care services like those offered at assisted living facilities.

Experience a Community Work Culture

The residents of assisted living centers are not the only ones who feel like they are part of a community – the workers do too. It takes the whole team working together to create a safe and healthy environment for seniors. This sense of community can create a positive workplace environment that can help alleviate some of the stress associated with some healthcare positions.

Make an Impact

If you’re looking for a job that enables you to make a difference in the world around you, then working in a nursing home is the right career path for you. Seniors rely on the workers in their assisted living facilities to help make their golden years better. You can make a huge impact in the lives of seniors right in your community by providing the essential care services these seniors need every day.

As a healthcare worker or another vital staff member of the assisted living center team, you will work on the front lines to makes sure each senior’s basic needs are met and that they are living in the best senior center environment possible.

Develop Valuable Skills

Working in an assisted living facility also allows you to develop valuable skills for your future. No matter which position you are considering, good communication skills are a must. You will be working with seniors every day and this requires the ability to give directions, provide social interaction and to verbally assess the residents’ medical condition if necessary. It also requires the ability to listen.

Even if you already have good communication skills working in a senior center will help to expand your abilities.You also will develop other values work skills, such as patience, multi-tasking, organizational and decision-making skills. These skills will look great on a resume if you choose to advance your career.

If you want a career that offers a positive work environment, allows you to develop valuable work-related skills, provides job stability and plenty of room for growth, and enables you to make an impact in the lives of others, then a job in an assisted living facility is the perfect career path for you. Start your career today by checking out some of these great jobs in assisted living centers near you.


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