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What financial help is available for students?

There are many different types of financial help available to students in the UK. Here are some programs that might be of help to you or a student you know:


Scholarships can be awarded for a variety of different reasons. Some scholarships have very specific criteria for applicants. This is often done to help poor or disadvantaged students. Wealthy benefactors will sometimes set up scholarships specifically for a student concentrating in a particular discipline of study. The Lord Laidlaw Scholarships are for first year students at the University of Leeds who are pursuing a degree in the fields of Performance, or Visual Arts and Communications

Income support

Students with a low income may qualify for special support. This is to help everyone be able to afford a decent quality of life while pursuing their academic studies. This benefit is only for those with very low or no income and will be revoked as soon as income rises.

Programs for students with children or dependants

If you are a parent in college you may qualify for extra support so you can get childcare services. Support is also provided for those taking care of a parent or elderly relative. These benefits are only available to students who are enrolled full time at university.

Disabled student allowance

If you suffer from a diagnosed learning disability or long-term mental or physical disability you may qualify for assistance with your studies. The amount of the allowance is totally dependent on the extent of your disability and not on your income. Certain guidelines must be met to be considered disabled and eligible. In general, a long-term disability is considered something that severely affects your life and you have been subject to for more than a year.

Student loans

There are many lending agencies that can help you get a low interest loan for university studies. You should be sure to check with many different lenders before making a final decision. If you find that you need a loan you might consider attending a good university that does not cost an exorbitant amount. A highly rated school is great but you can get an excellent education at other places that are less expensive. Student loans should only be used for tuition and books if possible. Working during your university years can help make sure that you don’t have a large loan balance after graduation.

Seeking help

University admissions counsellors can help you find sources for financial aid. There may be some private grants and scholarships through a chosen school that you don’t know about unless you ask. If you have a special talent or have a distinguished academic record then you can use this in your search for assistance. At the very least, a good record will help you stand out no matter what type of aid you apply for. University is an important step in life that can go a lot more smoothly with a little bit of planning.

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