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What Can You Do to Stop Cold Callers?

Many people in the UK are getting multiple calls a day from cold callers. These are often companies looking to push for customers’ information to pass on to payment protection insurance and accident claims solicitors – and other companies as well. There are also firms that want to conduct research, sell directly to you, contact you about outstanding debts, or simply harass you with silence.

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Use a nuisance phone call blocker in your home or office

If you are finding yourself increasingly stressed out by your phone and the people contacting you, it’s time to stop the cold callers once and for all, but how?

Deal With the Callers

When you have a call come in, you should remain calm and not feel pressured to speak or provide any information. Never give them any details about yourself or your family, and certainly never hand out any of your financial details. If the company contacting you is legitimate, they will already have the details. If you think the call is a scam, refrain from pressing any numbers on your dial, even if prompted. This is part of the scam, as they can then redirect you to a premium-rate phone number and you’ll be charged for listening to the call!


Ask for Names and Company Information

Instead of answering their questions, you need to ask your own. Have a pen and paper next to your phone and ask each cold caller for their full name, the name of their manager or supervisor, and the company they are working for. You should also ask for their phone number, especially if they have withheld it. When the call ends, call 1471 and check the number you were given. Make a note of the time the call came and save the information.

You can pass these details over to the authorities and regulators, especially if you continue to receive calls from the company. Additionally, you will need to write a letter to the company and ask to be removed from their call and mailing lists. Make it clear that you do not give them permission to call you at any time.

Don’t Make Your Number Public

Ask your phone provider to remove you from their directories. Many firms will use the phone books (online and in print) to find people to contact, so everyone is a target. Removing your number is the only way of stopping the firms from reaching you if they use this method to find potential customers.

Block the Unwanted Calls

You can use Caller ID to screen your calls, but the most effective method to stop cold callers altogether is by using a call blocking service. These services stop all unwanted calls, even sales calls from international companies.

Unlike the Telephone Preference Service, you can use a nuisance phone call blocker to stop marketing surveys, debt collectors, harassers, scams, recorded messages, and sales callers from getting through to your phone. Your home line or work line will still be open to trusted numbers, but everyone else will not be able to reach you.


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