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Use the Best Stationers

Buying stationery can be made easy if you shop online. Whether for schools, colleges, universities or businesses, you can buy whiteboard markers at wholesale prices. To keep your audience interested in what you’re writing on the board, choose from different colours like:-

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Black

  • Red

You can also order liquid white board markers in many colour variations. Online companies like Stationery Market offer wholesale whiteboard markers to suit every occasion. Why not order all of your stationery requirements from a reputable firm that also sells:-

  1. Fabric pens

  2. Fine liners

  3. Crayons

  4. Pencils

  5. Markers

As well as pens, stationers offer art supplies like modelling clay, ceramic paints and casting slips while office supplies range from notebooks, erasers and pencil sharpeners.

All you need under one umbrella

Do a little browsing on the net to find everything you need in the stationery line under one umbrella. Products are competitively priced and all are of exceptional high quality. Look out for brand names too for instance, Flumo, Monaami, Adeland and Colorplus. With free shipping on all orders over one hundred pounds, there’s no doubt about it, online stationers are the best people to order from.

Sign up for a news E-letter to keep up with the latest stationery lines and offers. If you need to return an order, which is highly unlikely, as long as notification is given within sixty days, you will get your money back.

If you have any questions get in touch by telephone or email. There’s plenty to read via the net too regarding:-

  1. Orders being processed within two days

  2. Returns must be undamaged and unopened

  3. Contact must be made within 72 hours if you have received damaged goods

  4. Knowing when your order has been dispatched

Expect a fast and economical delivery service so you don’t have to wait too long for your stationery order.

Check out frequently asked questions sections

If you need to know even more about ordering stationery from online wholesalers, read the many questions and answers featured on relevant websites. From “has my order been shipped” to “how can I track my order” are answered clearly along with other questions:-

  • How do I change quantities or cancel one item on my order?

  • My order seems to be missing, what shall I do?

  • When will my back order arrive?

  • My product is missing parts, can you help?

There’s also info about how to create an account, how to edit account information and cost of shipping. Expect low price guarantees and total security whichever way you decide to pay for your stationery. A useful guide on pricing relates to sales tax, charges and receipt invoices. If you live or work abroad why not find out if stationers ship to the country you’re in?

A buyer’s guide shows how to redeem gift certificates, how to navigate the website and how to use coupons.

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