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University of Chicago Known for Alumni, e.g. Jonathan Bunge

The University of Chicago remains one of the most in-demand institutions for both students and faculty alike. In fact, the university recently ranked #20 out of a whopping 650 schools on the Forbes list of top schools in the United States. Several factors contribute to the school’s high ranking, leading to top-level alumni.

At the University of Chicago, the student-to-faculty ratio is six, so students get the personal attention they seek in the institution’s intellectually stimulating learning environment. The university is also distinguished when compared to other schools due to its unique core curriculum. The school focuses on educating students as both human beings and professionals. For instance, all chemistry, physics and math majors read and discuss history and literature, and all English majors study science and math. The institution’s goal is to expose students to multiple ways of viewing the world around them in an enriching way.

 What also makes the university so highly sought after is that it is considered a strong incubator of ideas. Students have the chance to develop their critical thinking skills and the habit of inquiring about ideas. This ultimately enables them to effectively apply their ideas in their future careers and improve the world. Several alumni stand out for working hard to change their world through the power of ideas—for example, one alumnus of the University of Chicago is being considered for the U.S. Attorney position in Chicago, including Jonathan Bunge.

In terms of research universities, the University of Chicago is ranked No. 12 by Forbes, making it one of the most preeminent research schools in the US. It has leading graduate programs in the areas of not only medicine and law but also business and economics. With nine Fields Medalists, 48 Rhodes Scholars, and 87 Nobel laureates, the school continues to function as a leader in the academic world.

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