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Teacher Tension, Student Stress: Mobile Mood Lifters for the School Zone

Life seems to be more stressful these days and there are definitely more examples of teachers and students both feeling the strain of meeting educational deadlines and performance targets.


It always helps to try and find some ways to lift and lighten the mood and bring the anxiety and stress levels down a notch or two.


Your smartphone offers access to some useful apps that both students and teachers can appreciate. There is a look at an app that will turn tapping into a positive therapy, a way to reconnect with your childhood, plus an insight into the science of happiness.


Tap your tension away


There is a self-soothing method that is proving popular with both stressed out teachers and students called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


It involves tapping on certain areas of your body while thinking positive thoughts at the same time. There are several EFT apps to choose from and they all aim to show you exactly how to try and banish any anxiety and emotional trauma you might be experiencing.


Tapping is quickly becoming the go-to method if you want a fast and simple way to tap into your own body’s energy and self-healing powers.


It could be a useful tool in the classroom and a simple concept for children to grasp.


Teachers can also benefit from coloring books


There has been a real upsurge in interest for adult coloring books and it easy to see why when you consider how enjoyable and therapeutic many children find this activity.


It seems that adult coloring books can help with a number of emotional and mental health issues, ranging from basic boredom to stress. It is an activity that helps to evoke perhaps easier and happier times in your childhood, allowing you to calm the part of your brain that can induce feelings of anxiety and panic.


The mandala coloring book app could be a useful addition to your smartphone and if you get a moment where you feel stressed as a teacher, it makes sense to copy an activity that your students already have a great affinity with, just like you did when you were their age.


A way to become happier and less stressed


There is a lot of science attached to emotional well-being and if you are suffering from anxiety and stress you can find an app that aims to help you develop some healthier habits that improve your mood.


Happify is an app that has been developed to provide a series of games and activities that are all designed to make you feel happier and more fulfilled. If you can achieve that aim, it goes without saying that your stress levels will come down as a result.


The theory being this app and others like it is that you can teach your brain to learn new tricks and habits, allowing you to train your brain to overcome any negative thoughts and develop a more positive outlook.


School life can be stressful for both students and teachers, but at least there are some activities and apps that can help lighten the mood and create a calmer atmosphere.


Freddie Oliver is a teacher and Father who likes to make learning fun; that way students are more open to learning and remembering!

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