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Parental Apps: How to Use Your Phone to Control Your Child

It’s 2017 and with the internet taking over our lives, there are times when desperate measures must be applied. Smart phones have become the rage all over the world and parents have to be more vigilant than ever. With over 104 billion Smartphone users in the world, there’s a great need to monitor the activities of your children.

It’s not about not trusting your child; the internet is a world where nothing is as it seems and to ensure that your child stays out of trouble, parental control apps like mSpy are the best free parental control app for Android 2017.

What are parental control apps?

They are applications that help you monitor your child’s activities and ensure that they don’t land in any trouble.

Kids Place is one such comprehensive parent control app that restricts your child’s access to inappropriate content and sites. It has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store and has garnered positive responses from most users.

Some parents also prefer other parental control apps like Kids Zone. With over a 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store, the application is assisting thousands of parents in keeping an eye on their kids. It enables restricted usage so you can control what your child views. There are other applications like Screen Time and Parental Control Board. Search them all online and decide on the one that best suits your needs.

iPhone users shouldn’t lose heart. There are parental control apps for them too. Family Time is considered the best parental control app for iPhone, because it ensures the safety of your child and keeps you connected to them.

Best Features of Parental Control Apps

Ideal parental control apps allow you to not only keep an eye on what your child is up to, but you can also limit their access to certain applications and programs. Here are some of the distinctive features.

  • Track the Location: Know exactly where your child is, no matter what time it is. You can have peace of mind, knowing that your child is safe and always within your reach.

  • Keep a Record of Calls & Messages: Instantly get alerts if your child is contacted by anyone suspicious. With access to their call history and messages, you’ll know exactly who your child talks to and about what. Even instant messaging can be accessed from your registered device.

  • Limit Access to the Internet: When exams are round the bend, you wouldn’t want your child wasting time on social networking sites. You can limit their access to apps and websites or set time durations.

  • View Photos and Videos: The best free parental control app for Android 2017 allow you to view all photos and videos saved on your child’s phone to ensure they are watching age appropriate content and media.

A safer world for your child! What more can a parent ask for? View all the important data that will allow you to safeguard your child.

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