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Looking to Enlarge your Accounting Portfolio? Look for a Part-time Job

As a qualified CPA, you have lots of options for freelance gigs. Every business needs someone to keep its books and being good at what you do means that others will refer your services to their contacts. If you have other commitments that may prevent you from working fulltime as an accountant, you can pitch practically any business especially in this era of outsourcing.

Accounting Opportunities that Exist

  • Real Estate Managers

A property manager needs to prepare reports fort their own business as well as that of landlords. At the end of the rental period – basically a month or quarter – they will need to send reports to show their expenses and the final figure due to the landlord. In some cases, they will need to pay rental income on behalf of the property owner and only send a check for the net income. You don’t have to work fulltime to get these reports as it can be done remotely or you can be at the office once a week.

  • Book-keeping for a Lawyer

An upcoming lawyer is keen on keeping their costs as low as possible. A good real estate lawyer knows that they can’t do it all alone and so they could use a hand in keeping track of costs and giving them a report on income. You can only grow when you know how much you are making.

  • Medical Professionals

Care givers have their hands full with patients and so he last thing they need is to worry about profits. A good accountant can this off their hands by tracking expenses against income and giving simplified reports that will point out weaknesses and strengths.

As a business grows, it will need a fulltime accountant that will monitor the daily monetary aspects and who will be available to give advice at a moment’s notice. However, some prefer to outsource the services even after they’re bigger.

Why would part-time practice be preferable?

  • Flexibility

You probably have other things occupying your time during the day and so taking part-time gigs will free up hour and allow you to multitask. You are also ale to handle more than one clients and in that way make more money than a regular accountant who works a 9-5 schedule.

  • Gain Experience

If you want to gain experience in several industries without moving from one job to another, part-time gigs would be helpful. You will certainly need to keep abreast with the legal requirements for accounting in the various sectors and you will be good to go. Who know, you could even start your own little consultancy this way and build it up to compete with the largest accounting firms.

  • Build your Reputation

If you are still in school and would like to go into full-time accounting after completing your studies, you would be in a better position to land a job if you had some formal experience. Part-time accounting jobs will give you that – they will build your reputation and make it easier to land a bigger job once you are free.

Before you go into this, talk to other accountants on online forums to find out how much they charge.

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