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Law School – Consider Becoming a Personal Injury Attorney

One of the biggest areas affecting people these days involves workplace injuries, physical and mental. However, there still continues to be very little education for business and companies on what risks to watch out for as well as programs to train staff on what to avoid. Risk management has huge benefits, but it involves proactive thinking about how an office operations. And the general attitude about cubicle land still continues to be that it’s entirely safe and injuries don’t occur. It’s music to a personal injury attorney representing an injured party.

Despite the fact that many personal injury attorneys are almost all entrepreneurial, few think beyond just the traditional legal side of their business, i.e. suing people and seeking judgments or settlements. However, the education side of the legal business can be just as lucrative if not more. That’s because there are thousands of more offices willing to pay to learn how to avoid risks than to be sued. And who better understands how risks can be turned into costly lessons than a personal injury lawyer who does the suing on a regular basis?

Unlike trainers in some industries, tort attorneys don’t have to obtain extra learning to become a risk consultant and trainer for a business client. They already have their certification in the form of a bar license and law degree. Ideally, experience has already been established, which only helps an attorney’s marketing efforts in training field as well. And some of the best trainers are those who can speak well, keep people’s attention, talk about real facts, and have recognized expertise. A good personal injury attorney has all of these criteria already. Yet in reality, safety programs are still frequently managed by internal safety officers who repeat the same mantras about how to prevent tripping, choking, and ergonomic injuries. No wonder employee forget safety in the office so quickly.

For example, a personal injury attorney can easily leverage his representation experience in training modules and discussion points for local small businesses getting started and new to being a legal risk, or mid-size companies that don’t have in-house legal staff yet to watch out for problems. Alternatively, big companies in Portland may want to reduce their employee’s tendencies to get hurt, and an experience attorney trainer can make it clear what kind of behavior managers need to watch out for to reduce incidents. Even still, after-the-fact assessments can be made by a personal injury attorney, explaining how a company can avoid being sued again after it made a first-time mistake, learning from the experience in detail versus just knowing being sued is painful. There are lots of opportunities in risk management; people just need to have the benefit put in front of them clearly.

Risk management is definitely here to stay, and any company that doesn’t agree simply hasn’t gone through the experience of being sued yet. The cost of injuries has been skyrocketing in the last decade, and mental injuries such as chronic stress are costing the most in medical bills, lost attendance and lost productivity. Even if a company wins a lawsuit that comes from a known risk, the legal process of defense can be extremely expensive and takes years to finalize, often costing as much as the original claim in some cases. Companies need risk trainers and managers who know how to objectively point out where problems are sleeping and waiting to bite, and personal injury attorneys are the perfect experts to do the job.

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