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How to Save with NY Defensive Driving Courses

Living in New York can get to be pretty expensive. Parking fees alone can wind up costing you as much as your car payments. In other words, every dollar counts for people in NYC, especially drivers. The costs associated with owning a vehicle in the Big Apple can be exorbitant.

You can’t make parking any cheaper in NYC, you can’t waive the fees on pay toilets and eighteen-dollar lattes, but you can save some money on insurance, and that goes a long way. Now, one of the best insurance reduction techniques in New York is to take a defensive driving course. In fact, it can save you money in a few ways. Here’s how:


A defensive driving course can help you deal with traffic tickets in two ways. The first is that you might not have to pay your NYC parking tickets and penalties at all. You’ll still have to pay the court costs involved in being ticketed, but the ticket itself might be waived if you can talk the judge into letting you take a defensive driving course instead of paying it. Now, you might wind up facing stiffer fines and fees if you choose not to attend those defensive driving courses, but if you play this one by the book, you might just save yourself a hundred bucks, or more.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to every traffic charge, and it will be a tough sell if the judge is a real hardnose stickler or you just caught them in a bad mood that day. The point is it’s worth a shot. You might be able to get out of every ticket by offering to attend a course instead of paying it, but they’re not going to double the fine just because you asked, so why not ask?

The second way a defensive driving course can help you is in insurance reduction. By taking a defensive driving course, even long after being ticketed, you can have points removed from your record like they never happened. This won’t apply to more severe charges like DWI and so on, but speeding and parking tickets? You bet.

Ten Percent Insurance Reduction

Here’s the big one, the one that applies to everyone, no matter what: Take a DMV-approved defensive driving course and you’re off the hook for at least ten percent of your base auto insurance costs. That’s a law. Every insurance provider must knock at least ten percent off your insurance.

Depending on your provider, you might get an even better deal out of the course. Many insurers offer their own discounts for people who have attended defensive driving courses, and of course, it just makes you a safer driver overall, so you’ll wind up with a cleaner record over the years. If your provider doesn’t offer extensive discounts for having taken a course, you can just shop around for one who does. Insurers love safe drivers, so there’s no reason to settle for that ten percent discount if you can negotiate a better deal somewhere else.

Every dollar counts when you’re saving money in New York. This is the only city in the world where millionaires clip coupons. But if you love NYC, then you don’t really want to live anywhere else, do you? So yeah, the cost of living in NYC are worth it, but… you’d have to be crazy not to take the discounts when they come your way.

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