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How to revise for an exam if you’re a visual learner

Revising for your upcoming exams but not sure on the best method? It can be difficult to know where to start, can’t it? The problem with many students is that they don’t know what type of revision method suits them, and therefore are wasting their time on methods which is unlikely to help in any way. Other students simply don’t know where to begin, and end up not doing much at all – or even worse- they cram a few nights before the exam.

OK, so most of the legwork needs to come from YOU. There is no magic fix here. BUT, if you’re a visual person, these methods could help you to remember facts more easily, recall quotes or equations quickly and overall feel much more confident about your upcoming exams.

How to know if you’re a visual learner

There are several types of visual learner quizzes online. But in general, you are usually a visual learner if you:

  • Like to watch others to learn how to do something, before you do it

  • Enjoy art, TV, film or magazines

  • Recall memories in a visual way – i.e. you remember the landscape over what someone had said

How to revise if you’re a visual learner

According to Oxbridge Essays, a uk essay writing service, you can benefit from the following tips:

Create posters: you’re visual! So plaster your walls in bright posters. Make these posters yourself, which can aid your revision process even more. Create diagrams and concept maps that use visual symbols to represent ideas and information on your upcoming exam.

Close your eyes and imagine: whenever you try to recall information, you’ll be best closing your eyes and imagining it.

Use highlighter pens: don’t ever underestimate the highlighter! When you are sat in your lectures, take out your highlighter and contrast different colours to emphasise important ideas. Do the same on your revision notes.

Ask people to talk back to you: Ask friends or family members to read out your notes to you. This will allow you to pick up facial expressions and body language, which you’re likely to remember.

Take away the TV: Study in a place that is free from visual distractions, like the TV. If you’re using a laptop, make sure you don’t accidentally find yourself surfing the internet or on Facebook. These are very easy distractions for a visual person!

Get on YouTube: Watch videos about topics connected to your exam. This helps you form a wider perception and understanding of the topic. There is so much you can access online, so use it to your advantage!

When it comes to maths: You can be a visual person and a mathematical person at the same time too. In fact, many mathematicians and scientists remember complex equations by memorising the equation in a sequence of steps. You might also draw a series of boxes to help you remember the information.

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