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How to get started in the sporting industry

There is more than one way to get started in the sporting industry. One thing is for sure and that is you need to have great passion and dedication to sports. Here are some career paths to consider in the sporting industry and some tips on getting started on the path to your new career:

Coach or fitness instructor

Many instructors hold speciality training certificates for a variety of disciplines. While there are no set guidelines, it can be helpful to have a degree in physical education or a similar discipline. This is a great profession for those who like to help others. A great deal of experience in your chosen field is required for coaching or fitness instructor positions.

Be in great shape yourself

The sport and fitness industry is definitely one of those where you can expect to be judged on your own fitness level for some positions. If you are teaching or instructing you will have other people looking up to you. If you are working for a gym or business besides your own, your performance is going to reflect on your employer. If you are going to tell others to get fit and in better shape then you need to be in that type of shape yourself if you want to be taken seriously.


Sometimes positions become available and they are taken before there is ever really a proper job search. By networking, you can make important industry contacts that can help advance your career and take it to the next level. You can also learn a lot via networking from people who have been in the sporting industry for a long time.

Building your career will take time

Success does not happen overnight. Be patient and give yourself time to gain more skills and advance your career. Max Mosley did not start out as the president of Formula One – it took years of racing, work as legal counsel, and more to gain the experience and positions that Max has achieved. The IMDB profile of Max Mosley also shows that he has been in several films related to his experience on the Formula One racing circuit. When you first start out in sports you may have to take an entry-level position and work your way up. The industry is competitive since so many people want to work in it.

Keep up to date on the latest in sports

If you want to be involved in the sporting industry then you need to be able to talk about current events. Make sure to read up on the latest happenings at least every few days. If you don’t know what is going on this can make it look like you are not truly serious about sports. If you are super busy, try listening to sports pod casts and such when you get a few minutes. Talking with others about current sporting events can be a great way to socialize with those who share your passion.

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