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How to Find the Right College Offering Quality Musical Theatre Courses

No art form can be perfected without acquiring basic education on it. Same is the case for musical theatre, as well. If you find the world of musical theatre alluring and want to see yourself in the future as an established performer on stage, then you need to get into the right musical theatre college. It is only with the help of quality musical theatre courses; you can pursue your career and become competitive as a performer. This will help you gain an edge over others, which will be highly beneficial to you in future. So, it is essential for you to select a musical theatre college suitable for you. Certain things to keep in mind while choosing a college are:

#1: Try to evaluate the curriculum offered and, if possible, the overall department you will be joining. This can be done by judging two streams of acting, singing and dancing individually. Since your career will be dependent on all three pillars, it is very important that you have strong foundation in all areas. You would have to get an intensive knowledge of both acting and music. For this, it is imperative that the faculty of both departments are strong and credible enough.

#2: Take a look at the dedicated classes listed on the musical theatre course. Every college is different, so find out how assessments are carried out. If it is not listed on the website, are you able to contact the college and speak to the faculty for more information?

#3: As previously mentioned, dance is equally as important discipline to be trained in as the other two. It is worthwhile researching what dance classes the college offers. You may find that ballet classes, deemed as the foundation for all classes, is compulsory, but you will be given the opportunity to enrol in other dance classes. This may be especially of interest to you if you have been studying, say contemporary dance, for many years and wish to continue with it.

#4: If possible, try to watch a production of your shortlisted college. The quality of production gives an idea of the strength of the college and the courses that are offered. Some of the finest work produced by a college can definitely account for their level of education.

#5: Check how the various programmes are planned. It is necessary for you to know whether you would be spending your time majorly doing coursework or you would be actually getting time to study and perform at the same time.

#6: Get in touch with an admission counsellor to learn about the audition process. How many rounds will be held? Do you have to prepare a piece for each discipline? For reputable colleges, competition is strong so make sure you are ready and able to cope with the initial audition stage.

#7: If you get the chance to, have a chat with the existing students to know their opinion about the course. Present students can actually give you a much better insight into their experience at the musical theatre courses offered at that college.

Article Summary : This article highlights the points based on which you can select the perfect musical theatre courses in the right college.

Author Bio : Janifar is a freelance writer based in Wales. She takes special interest in the performing arts and in her spare time, likes to blog about musical theatre courses offered at various colleges.

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