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How Important is Classroom Arrangement in Learning

Classroom arrangement refers to the entire physical environment of the classroom. These days, the physical appearance of the classroom plays a big role in the learning process of students. A good learning environment highly contributes to the education of the student. How exactly does this work? Read on if you want to know why classroom arrangement should be a priority when preparing for a class.

Gives Students Ample Space

A cramped up classroom is a bad learning environment for the student. During class, students need to have a comfortable place to sit without having to worry about whether he or she is hitting his or her classmate by accident or is being otherwise interrupted by cramped learning quarters. If students don’t have enough space to at least move around a bit, they won’t be able to concentrate on the lesson.

Enables Students to See the Front

Desks should be arranged in a way that all students can see the teacher and the blackboard. One of the biggest complaints of students is that they aren’t able to see the front if they are at the back of the classroom, especially if the classmate in front of them is really tall. In order to address this issue, there needs to be ample space between each row and column so that the students can adjust their seats to finda position where they can see the front.

Allows The Student to be Ready for Different Activities

Whenever you prepare an activity for the class, you’d usually change the position of the chairs either to form a circle or to push all the chairs to the side (depending on the activity). By being able to move the chairs and desks around in the classroom, you are actually preparing the students for an activity. This will affect their minds because it will instill arousal and excitement as they will be doing something different from the usual classroom lecture.

Gives a Sense of Order

Lastly, classroom arrangement gives the students a sense of order, which will also put their minds at ease in order to learn. If a student goes into a classroom with all the chairs not aligned properly or the usual seating arrangement out of order, he or she will have the tendency to feel a little unsettled since everything is not in its proper place.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, proper classroom arrangement does have an impact on the learning process of the student. These factors will show you that before you hold a class, you have to make sure that everything is in proper arrangement in order to cater to the students. You must ensure that all desks and tables are in order and arranged in a way that the students will not have a hard time listening to the lecture. You must also ensure that all the classroom essentials are present in order to give the student a complete and conducive learning environment where he or she will not feel unsettled but rather comfortable enough to think of nothing but today’s lesson.

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