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Hiring a Tutor Can Raise Your Child’s Attainment

If your child is struggling at school it might be time to consider hiring a tutor. Sometimes, a child is finding it hard to grasp a certain ideas or concepts within a subject. The personal attention that a tutor can provide can often be a trigger to boost attainment.

Recent media coverage has shown that the amount of money being spent by parents on hiring tutors for their children, in both the United Kingdom and United States, has been rising dramatically in recent years. Concerns about the standard of education in schools, or worries about a child’s personal progress in certain subject areas, has seen the demand for tutors rise especially in:
– Mathematics
– English Language
– Science

What is it Really Worth?
Tutors can help your child on a much more holistic basis than a teacher in a classroom can. This is for simple logistical reasons. A teacher in a classroom has to deal with around 30 individuals, many of whom are operating at entirely different ability levels. This cuts down the amount of time which can be spent with individual students.

There is also the question of behaviour, with a teacher responsible for keeping an entire class focused on their tasks. This is a test for even the most conscientious of professionals and makes giving struggling pupils the attention that they deserve somewhat difficult. A tutor, by virtue of having only one pupil to focus on, can dedicate much more time to the student’s specific needs and requirements. Chemistry tutors, for example, can examine issues in detail without having the disruption of a full science lesson to distract the student.

Subject Specific
The holistic approach that a personal tutor can take also applies to more than just the specifics of a certain subject area. A tutor can have a massive direct impact on a student’s all-round study skills and attitude to learning. A student can often develop their all-round organisation and receptiveness to new ideas and concepts by working with a tutor. This can help with their academic performance and boost intellectual self-esteem, something which is vital to general progress at school.

Hiring a Tutor
When it comes down to actually hiring a tutor, you should treat it the same way as you would if hiring the services of any other kind of professional. So the first thing that you should do is to check credentials. A reputable tutor will often work via an agency, which can usually provide all the details that you need regarding their teaching qualification. A full CV or resume should be available on request.

So hiring a tutor can have a hugely positive effect on your child’s academic progress, either within specific subject areas or more generally. Do your research before hiring one though and also check that your child will be responsive to it. Not all children are the same after all and what works for one is not necessarily going to work for another.


Jennifer spent many years working as a teacher in her native Derbyshire, before becoming a personal tutor and education journalist. Her writings offer education advice, whether it be how to find qualified chemistry tutors or how to improve your child’s performance in History. She shares her expertise with a wide variety of blogs and websites.

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