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Great Reasons to Study for a Degree Abroad

Some of us don’t need any excuses to spend quality time abroad, but travelling overseas on vacation is very different to spending one, two or even three years abroad studying. But the truth is that studying abroad can be a life-enhancing experience and if you pick the right university, your future career will almost certainly benefit. But if you are still not sure, here are a few reasons why studying for a degree abroad could be the best decision you ever make.

Learn a New Language

Being fluent in a second language is one of the most useful skills you can have, especially if you live and work in a multi-cultural society. In many countries English is the primary language and, obviously, if you study abroad USA you won’t need to learn a new one, but consider studying in a foreign country where English is not so widely spoken. That way you are more likely to learn a second language and improve your employability post-graduation.

Meet Lots of New and Interesting People

Part of the fun of going to university is that you get to make lots of new friends. If you opt to study abroad, this pool of new friends will be a lot more diverse because many of them will be from completely different cultures and have different life experiences to you.

Gain a Greater Sense of Independence

Living away from home is the best way to gain a real sense of independence. However, if you go to university in your home country, home is never that far away and it can be hard to cut the apron strings completely, especially if you have over-protective parents. Studying abroad is the best way to gain complete independence and find your feet as an adult.

It’s an Adventure!

Studying abroad will be the start of a new chapter in your life. It is your opportunity to learn more about yourself and see how you cope when things go wrong and you don’t have your family there to pick up the pieces. You will learn a lot about yourself as part of the experience, which is why it is so character building.

Explore a New Culture

Living and studying abroad is a great way to discover more about a new culture, from the inside out. You can immerse yourself in local traditions, explore historic landmarks and enjoy making new friends.

Lower Tuition Fees

Some universities are a lot cheaper than others, so do your research. You may find that it is a lot cheaper to study your desired course at a foreign university that it would be to enrol on an equivalent course at home.

Rack up the Air Miles

One of the bonuses of studying abroad is that you will be accumulating air miles each and every time you travel home to visit family and friends. Eventually you will be able to use your air miles to claim a free flight home.

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience and remember, a life only half lived is no life at all.

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