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Four Tips to Be Successful as an Owner Operator

Becoming an owner operator can help you experience great levels of success. But just like starting any other job or business, you need to plan carefully and make considerations.

1. Start Off With a Used Truck

Starting an owner operator business is much like starting any other type of business — you’ll need a certain amount of money up front. You don’t want to overstretch your finances right off the bat, so it makes more economic sense to start off with a used truck rather than a new one. You should look at the used market when first getting into this business in order to shave a few dollars off the cost of a truck.

2. Maintain Your Truck Regularly

Make sure to take great care of your truck as much as possible. This means maintaining it on a regular basis, and inspecting it to make sure that you nab any problems before they become way too expensive to fix. Maintaining a vigilant approach to maintenance is important, which includes regular oil changes and grease jobs. Make sure not to go over 20,000 miles before oil changes. Even the smallest thing, such as an air leak, should not go unchecked.

3. Take Advantage of Your Downtime

When you’re waiting for items to be loaded or unloaded, use that time to do your business planning or do some simple maintenance tasks on your truck. Time is valuable, so you might as well use it wisely.

4. Save Money for Repairs

It’s always good to have money put aside for a rainy day. An emergency situation could arise at any time. You could blow a tire or get into an accident. Having a financial cushion can help you stay on top of the game without sinking into a financial hole soon after you started.Using freight bill factoring can also help cover expenses if you need immediate funding.

The owner operator business is a lucrative one. At, we can point you to plenty of straight truck owner operator jobs for you to consider when working with us. Visit today to get started.

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