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Four Lesser Known Degrees in the Automotive Field

There are many certification and degree programs out there for individuals who are looking to repair cars. You can take auto mechanic courses or become certified to repair diesel engines. But there are many other degrees that you can get in the automotive field that are lesser known. If you are looking for a career path in the automotive industry, maybe not too similar to ones found in the top driver movies of all time, but more down-to earth roles, consider these four lesser known degrees:

Transportation Design

One of the lesser known degrees that you can get in the automotive field is a transportation design degree. This type of degree is used by the people who design the body style of new cars. If you love art, love to sketch and love to design, this career path can help you take your love of cars and designing and combine them. Every car manufacturer relies on their design team to come up with innovative and trendy new car designs and body styles that will appeal to consumers. You can be a part of that in this career field.

Automotive Engineering

After a designer has created a design for a car, an automotive engineer gets to work determining if the design is feasible. While a car may look slick on paper, the body style and design may not be practical in real life. If you want to work together with a transportation designer in making sketches come to life and designing cars fit for a New York driving experience, an automotive engineering degree may be right for you. Once again, every manufacturer hires automotive engineers to help alter the style and design of their existing designs or make new ones, all while ensuring the car meets safety standards and will function as it is designed to.

Automobile Restoration

If you love to work on cars, but want a job that is different from that of a mechanic, a degree in the automobile restoration industry may be ideal for you. Auto enthusiasts love to purchase old cars and then restore them. However, many find that there is at least one or more parts on the car that they cannot restore on their own. It may be beyond their skill set. When they hit a wall, they turn to automobile restoration professionals to restore that part of the car for them. This may involve restoring the engine, the upholstery or even the body of the car. If you want to play a role in bringing old cars back to life, a degree in this field may help you make that dream happen.

Automotive Marketing

The last of the lesser known degrees in the automotive field is automotive marketing. If you are a car enthusiast, but don’t want to get your hands dirty repairing cars or fixing them, you may want a white-collar career in the industry. Automotive marketing may be ideal for you. Automotive marketing involves making marketing materials, creating commercials or creating internet campaigns to help sell cars. This degree is very similar to a traditional marketing degree, but it has a focus on the automotive industry, giving you an edge on those with a standard marketing degree.

If you have an interest in or a passion for cars, you may want to get a job in the automotive industry. Learning what degrees are available and what jobs you can get with those degrees can help you decide on a career path that interests and appeals to you.

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