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Five common finance career paths


If you’re thinking about embarking on a career in finance, you’ll need to decide on the specific path you wish to travel down.

There are a plethora of possibilities you can pursue with a bs in finance , and each role requires different skills and comes with its own set of challenges and rewards.

1) Financial advice

One popular option is to move into the field of financial advice. These roles involve helping clients to develop plans that will make the best possible use of their resources and help to ensure their present and future financial stability. There are a range of different specialisms available within this sector. For example, you might want to focus on investment growth or estate and tax planning. Another option is to complete one of the CeMAP® courses offered by specialist training providers like Simply Academy and become a mortgage advisor.

2)  Insurance

Insurance is another major area within the financial industry. Focussing on helping businesses and individuals to anticipate risks and protect themselves from potential losses, it offers an impressive selection of job opportunities. For example, you may decide to work in sales or customer service positions, or perhaps you’d prefer the more technical roles of actuary or underwriter.

3) Corporate finance

Another avenue is corporate finance. These roles centre on finding and managing the capital that businesses need in order to function. They also involve minimising financial risk and maximising corporate value. Within this area, you might be connected with anything from developing companies’ financial strategies to forecasting profits and losses and preparing financial statements. In addition, some corporate finance positions are concerned with mergers and acquisitions activity.

4) Commercial banking

Commercial banking is worth considering too. There are a broad spectrum of roles on offer in this field, and many of them are customer-facing. For example, you might be a customer service advisor in a bank, a loan officer or branch manager. Meanwhile, you could work for organisations of all sizes, from multinational banks to local financial institutions. Individuals who show talent in this field often progress from branch jobs to positions in corporate headquarters.

5) Investment banking

Last but not least on this list, there is the world of investment banking to consider. Often seen as the most glamorous sector within finance, it offers some of the most highly paid jobs. Investment banks perform two major roles. The first is to act as an advisor to clients to help them with tasks like borrowing money in the bond markets or buying up companies. The second involves making money through transactions in the financial markets. For example, the markets divisions of these banks buy up financial assets from clients and sell them onto other clients. Work in this field can be stressful, but the rewards tend to be significant.

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