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Finding Brilliance With Elizabeth English

For the past 20 years, there has been a female-only school in California that has been producing exceptional graduates who have excelled in college and beyond, the institution is The Archer School For Girls. Founded by three women who themselves went to an all-female school and had daughters who were about to enter middle school. They had a vision and knew that the learning habits of girls were different than boys and when girls were schooled amongst themselves they performed at a higher level, than if they were with the boys. Further to this point, current research has shown how girls learn, develop and thrive in this kind of environment.

To the schools credit, they were smart enough to hire Elizabeth English as the head of school, who believes a strong education for females will help them earn the respect and the financial rewards that they deserve in the workplace. She fell in love with the school within minutes of being there, especially meeting with some of the students and how excited and passionate these girls were about the school.

Elizabeth knew early on how important education was, especially from her mom who always told her she should be able to stand on her own two feet without counting on someone to support you. When she started teaching at an all-female school in New York she at first was skeptical of the concept but she quickly noticed how poised and confident these girls were with their own voice. The other thing she noticed was there were many female teachers but very few if any that were principals or directors which she strongly wanted to change, it was very disturbing to her that men with fewer credentials were being hired for high-level jobs while females were not even considered.

Having daughters herself she made it a point to make sure that females had the same opportunities that males have, Elizabeth English Archer School For Girls has a great ring to it and it was a perfect union, for both the school and for her, where her daughters were also enrolled in the school.

Her leadership skills are collaborative but also at the same time decisive when needed, she puts a lot of trust and faith to those who work closely with her. She is very active helping the school with positive recognition in making sure that females are strong and independent, she is involved in conferences, meetings, she even has a site named Eye To Eye With Elizabeth Archer, where she post videos on various topics promoting the school.

The school has a set up a program called STEM, standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, these are the fields that females usually do not enter but should, because STEM will provide solutions to some of the worlds pressing problems where women need to be involved as well as the opportunities that will arise with higher paying jobs for them.

There is no question she is a leader for women, who believes in what she is doing, Elizabeth English Archer, it might as well be her full name.

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