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Extra Tuition for Children

As a parent, you child’s education is often at the forefront of your mind, in order to give them the best possible start in life, and more often than not the better education they receive the brighter their future will be.

So, how can you make sure your children are getting a great education without being a ‘pushy parent’? We’ve compiled a list of tips to follow to ensure that your children are getting the most of their education and developing well.

Pre School

It’s a known fact that the younger a child is the more impressionable they will be. With this in mind pre-school age is the best time to get your kids learning and developing. Reading to a child will give them a head start and this simple exercise can be started from day 1.

As well as acting as a comfort to children reading will form the basis of their educational journey, beginning to teach words, letters and sounds. Try to provide plenty of educational toys for your child to play with at home, beginning with toys designed to develop motor skills then gradually moving on to more demanding toys.

School Education

When your child is at school you will often be unaware as to how they are being educated, so try to keep yourself involved in your child’s personal progress by staying well-informed.

Ask your child’s teachers questions regarding their progress and don’t wait until parents’ evenings to find out how they are doing taking an interest in their progress will ensure that you are aware of any problems.

The sooner you are aware of problems, issues, or needs the sooner you can act on these issues with extra tuition or lessons.

Extra Tuition

You may feel that your child requires a little extra help in a specific area, and there are many different reasons why you may considering extra tuition, for example; if there are exams coming up or a teacher has mentioned that your child struggles in a specific educational area.

If children have spent time away from school, or lessons are becoming too easy they may also benefit from extra tuition, allowing them to catch up or push their knowledge in a more stimulating manner. The next, and very important step, is to find the right tutor for your child’s needs.

Check that education franchise or private tutors have the correct qualifications and pass necessary background checks before you hire them. You should also be aware of the the size of class your child will be in, as they will get more attention when there are less pupils in the class, and you’ll be getting better value for money.

Author Bio: Fiona Hill is a mother of two who regularly uses extra tuition, education franchises and learning charts to help her children develop further in the best possible way.

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