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Enjoying the luxury life – on a real salary!


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Sport cars aren’t just for the rich and famous – take advantage of deals

Most of us love experiencing a taste of the luxury life. Whether that’s booking in for the latest Hollywood facial or frequenting the latest celebrity hangout in London’s West End, we all want a taste of the finer things in life. So how can we enjoy the finest of luxuries without bankrupting ourselves in the process? Well, with a little clever shopping, it is very possible to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Outlet shopping

If you crave designer clothes and accessories then look no further than outlet stores. Some of these are located out of town, such as Cheshire Oaks in Chester or The Lowry Shopping Centre in Salford and others are found online such as Brand Alley and The outnet really is the home of designer bargains, as it is the outlet store for netaporter, the high-end designer clothing retailer. Look too at websites such as ACHICA and don’t forget TK Maxx on the high street for glorious designer bargains!

Hot spas and getaways

Fancy a trip to glamorous Tuscany? Or to see the stars in Cannes? Keen to check out the UK’s hotspot of Cornwall? Or head to London for a glitzy weekend of shopping and West End theatre? Then head to the phenomenon of daily deals websites, and there are plenty of other great deal websites too, each offering a daily email of regional and national offers, tailored to your interests. You can make superb savings of up to 80% on the best services, products and experiences in town.

Fine dining

If you love good food then check out dining deals such as 2-4-1 dining cards, for last minute bookings, for further short-notice deals at top restaurants and sign up for newsletters at your favourite restaurants, as they will often send out promotions and incentives. Many of these include a birthday treat such as a bottle of prosecco for a stylish treat. Remember that you can always choose chic and luxurious food and drink without breaking the bank. Make your own canapes for home entertaining and experiment with good prosecco rather than splashing out on champagne. Alternatively, if you cannot resist the good stuff, wait until it’s on offer and buy it in bulk.

Your car

Your choice of car says a lot about you and who you are. Remember, sport cars aren’t just for the rich and famous and if you are seeking that luxury touch, it may well be worth treating yourself to a quality sports car. You’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced some of these can be, especially if you don’t need the latest model (everyone loves a classic) or are prepared to haggle for the right price and finance deal. Be ruthless in your quest to get the best possible bargain for your money, especially in today’s challenging market. A good tip is to view cars at month end when the sales staff are desperate to hit their targets.

So, remember, it is perfectly possibly to treat yourself to the best without breaking your budget and ruining that luxury high. Look around for deals, don’t be afraid to strike a bargain and enjoy treating yourself to the finer things in life.



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