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Could We Be More Productive Working Outside

One thing that the sunny summer weather always brings is the desire to get outside as much as we can, but the question we are all asking is, is it possible to work outside and actually get stuff done? Well actually, it might be!

For most of us, the way we work has changed an awful lot over the last few years. With the advancements in WiFi, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, it means workers are more than capable of keeping on top of work issues as and when they happen. Being able to get online wherever and whenever we need to means staff can easily have access to the office networks and can reply to emails and answer important phone calls anywhere and at any time.

Flexible Working Is On The Up
So are things better now that we are no longer stuck to the office? Well, the answer to that could be yes and no. The truth is, having access to the office at all times means people often find it harder to switch off and give new meaning to the words ‘office hours’, but with most people looking for a way to find a good work/life balance these advancements can actually be a blessing. Being able to work wherever we are can help us be more productive and combine our work with appreciating the great outdoors. Taking a cue from a huge number of schools who are encouraging their pupils to get outside as much as possible, they are now able to spend much of their Spring/Summer term lessons outside thanks to the use of purpose built playground shelters.
Work On More Than Your Tan
If you have ever had a day working from home you might have noticed just how much more you got done. Likewise, working outside means you will experience far less distractions while you work. No interruptions from other staff, ringing phones or buzzing doorbells. And being outside in the sunshine can put you in a more positive mood and help you be more creative. Outdoor shelters are already a great place for a break out space for staff to gather their thoughts after a busy morning, so why not use them as a place of work too?

Of course, if you are considering working outside you need to be realistic. Not all laptops have good enough screens to view clearly in bright sunlight and you will still need access to WiFi to be able to connect to your other colleagues. The midday sun can, of course, be extremely warm and just leave you feeling hot and bothered rather than inspired. However, if you take a cue from those playground shelters and find a pavilion, gazebo or simple wooden shelter to work under, it could be just the answer you need. Add a good anti-glare screen protector and a WiFi hotspot and you are probably good to go.

Monica has worked in interior design for many years, specialising in office space and educational facilities. Having seen the benefits of high quality playground shelters in schools she has always been eager to encourage working outside of the office. She regularly shares her thoughts and opinions by writing for a number of websites and blogs.

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