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Career opportunities in emerging markets

The world has become a global village and these days you are not limited to searching for career opportunities only in your home country. You can boost your career by seeking out jobs in emerging economies.

According to the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook report, global emerging markets continue to experience stronger economic growth trends compared to their developed counterparts. This growth is expected to continue in 2016, hitting 4.5%, which is more than twice the 2.2% growth projected for developed markets. Furthermore, these emerging economies continue to attract investors owing to their high federal reserves, untapped potential (both resources and demographics) as well as better levels of public debt in relation to their GDPs (gross domestic product).

In order to feed this rapid economic growth, these emerging countries are increasingly seeking educated and talented people to fill their skill gaps. As career opportunities continue shrinking in developed countries such as the UK and the US, job openings in the emerging markets increase every day. If you feel that the job market in your home country has become incredibly competitive over the last few years, you should consider a building your career in one of the many emerging economies.

Emerging markets and opportunities they offer

So, which are these emerging economies and what career opportunities do they have to offer?

  • Asia

India and China are the economic giants of the East. These two countries are making heavy investments in their economies to compete with the West. If you have skills in construction or the IT sector, these are the countries to go for.

The Middle East should not be ignored. Countries such as Qatar and Dubai are increasingly attracting expats to work in different fields. This is a good destination for you if you work in the education, oil, gas or medical professions.

Vietnam and Cambodia in the Far East also deserve a mention since they have turned into thriving economies with opportunities in construction, medicine and education.

  • Eastern European countries

Countries such as Romania, Poland and Hungary have made huge economic strides and will soon catch up with their developed neighbours. These countries offer good jobs in the health and education sectors.

  • Africa

Africa as a whole shows great economic promise. Nigeria and South Africa in particular have posted impressive economic growth in the past decade and more Western companies are scrambling to tap into these markets.

Career opportunities in Nigeria and the wider African continent exist in construction, mining, finance and consultation. Indeed, Nigerian professionals such as Francis Josiah have built solid careers for themselves by working in various countries internationally. Josiah is a successful businessman with a wealth of experience in economics and finance. Companies that want to invest in Nigeria could consider his services and expertise.

While moving abroad to build a career is a big decision to make, it can pay off in the long term. It is a chance to learn other languages, immerse yourself in new cultures as well as make new connections. The experience you’ll gain coupled with the right career moves can make a huge positive impact on your future life.

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