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Are your career prospects the same if you study online?

If you are disillusioned with your career you may be looking to start down a new path. Changing career often means having to study for a relevant qualification. One problem that many people face when changing career is that they can’t just give up their job until they have a new one. This can make studying for qualifications problematic. One solution is to study online so that you can shape your studies around your work.

If you choose this option then you need to look for reputable online study providers like Upskilled that provide courses and qualifications which are recognised nationally and will give you the same job opportunities as someone who has studied on campus.


Why study online?

The biggest reason why online study makes sense is the amount of flexibility it affords you. It can be really difficult to hold down a full time job and study at the same time. If you embark of a course of online study then you can normally choose your hours of study to fit around the life you already have, including your job. Of course, online study is also far more convenient; you simply have to log on at home rather than travel to a campus.

You may be thinking that you miss out on interacting with other students but this is not the case. There is plenty of opportunity for you to interact online so you still have the peer support that can be so vital when you embark on a new course.

Are online qualifications regarded differently?

If you study with a reputable online study provider then any course you take will be recognised in just the same way as if you had studied on campus; after all you are putting in the same amount of effort and completing the same work and examinations. There are colleges and universities in the world that are classed as being the best and more weight can be placed behind students from these places of study than students who have studied elsewhere.

This applies as much to students who have studied on other campuses though, as it does to students who have studied online. Generally if you are up for a job against a student who has gained their qualification at a campus, when you have studied online, you will not be disadvantaged in any way.

You can see that there are definite advantages to be had from studying online. You have a high level of flexibility that enables you to study as you choose and fit gaining a qualification around your day to day life. In addition, you can see that as long as you choose a reputable provider to study with any qualification you earn will put you on the same footing as others with the same qualification, whether they studied online or at a campus. Your career prospects are not disadvantaged in any way if you choose to study online.

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