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A Master’s Degree in Public Policy Will Boost Your Career in These Five Fields

People are more concerned than ever about the world today. The environment, human rights, animal rights and many other causes make the headlines and remain in the forefront of the mind. This concern has brought about the positive change of more people wanting to do something about it, whatever “it” is to them. Public policy facilitates that change, and those who seek a master’s degree in this specialty open the door to several careers where they can make a difference.

Save the Environment

If you’re familiar with lobbying and have a passion for the environment, then you should consider a career as an Environmental Lobbyist. These influential people encourage sustainable action in their local, state and the federal governments. The art of persuasion is important, as you must fight, nicely, for environmental causes in many forums, including on social media, during activism rallies, and even in court. Average pay for this career is six figures, and you’ll be supporting a cause close to your heart.

Push Policies Through

According to NEC, another career that benefits from a public policy degree is a Management Policy Advisor. You’ll need the power of persuasion in this vocation as well, as you will be the liaison between businesses and governments. This position yields the same type of power that a lobbyist has. You will be advocating for attorneys, environmental firms, healthcare agencies, and the like. Your job will be to ensure that the government keeps their best interests at heart.

Manage Organizations Toward Sustainability

If you prefer to manage rather than persuade, look into becoming a Non-Governmental Organization Director. This position gets you out from under the corporate umbrella and allows you to manage organizations and encourage them toward more sustainable business practices. You will be tasked with bringing a community’s vision to its fruition, and you’ll do this by moving projects forward with a vision that takes into account the internal and external groups involved.

Keep People Healthy

NEC offers a masters in public policy online that will help you work toward becoming a Public Health Consultant. You will be the voice for people’s mental and physical health. You will work directly with businesses, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations, and the government in order to promote health and wellness programs that create strong communities. Salaries average a little over $61,000 for this job, and its importance cannot be overstated.

Play Sim City for Real

An Urban Planner is at the heart of building a city. You will be in charge of assessing community needs and ensuring that city plans and the land can accommodate those needs. Included in your responsibilities will be determining the environmental affects of proposed projects, whether the population will outgrow them, and lobbying for community concerns. Urban planners make about $60,000 per year, and they are integral in city development.

As you can see, there are many ways you can help change the world and be paid for it. If you want to make a difference, consider a career in a public policy field. You can choose which career best suits your passion and begin to fight for what you believe in.

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