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5 Job Search Tips Millennials Should Try

Check Company Social Media Profiles

Companies often post jobs on their social media profiles, and these range from big companies to smaller ones like LBF Travel. Not only can these sites tell you about available positions, but you can also get to know a company by digging into its social media platforms. See what they post about, what is important to them, and the type of clientele they attract.

While we’re talking about social media sites, it’s a good time to remember to make sure that your own social media accounts are up to date, and more importantly, respectable. Prospective employers want to know who are you and they want to know that you will be a great fit for their company. Your social media can show off your skills and personality. It can also show off traits that a company might see as negatively impacting their image, so keep it clean.

Take College Seriously

Carefully choose what college or university you attend, what classes you take, and what subjects you concentrate in for your studies. College or a vocational school helps you not only hone in on a career interest and arm you with knowledge and skills, but it’s also a transition into the “real world.” It is a time to try out different ideas and areas of expertise, and to narrow down your career focus. If you find yourself majoring in a subject you do not love, you have the chance to explore other options and see what suits you better.

Get Experience

It is wonderful to set high standards for career goals. To achieve those goals, it is important to get as much experience as possible. Consider internships, even if they pay little or do not pay at all. When looking for internships, make sure that you are being mentored by someone whom you admire and respect. Doing “grunt work” is not going to do you any favors, so find internships where you will truly gain valuable experience.

Go to Networking/Community Events

Meeting people and letting them get to know you and your interests and skills can have a huge impact on finding the right job. You may meet someone who knows of someone looking for you!

It can sometimes be awkward to walk into a room full of people talking and not know anyone. Even if you feel uneasy with a large group, you can approach a smaller group and enter the conversation. Introduce yourself and ask what other people do in the community. Even if they don’t do what you are interested in, they may know someone else there to introduce you to. Join community boards or volunteer at events that relate to your areas of interest. Offer to help someone with your expertise and not only will you gain more experience, you may gain some good references.

Ask Questions

Carefully preparing thoughtful questions before an interview shows that you are truly interested in a company. Just as they want to know about you, you should want to know about them and how you would fit in with their team.

The above tips plus a great resume will certainly have you headed in the right direction when it comes to finding a job you will love!

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