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3 Outstanding Apps for Writing an Essay

Creative minds and the power of technology is a lethal combination. Technology can be helpful not only for your day to day chores, but also for enhancing your essay writing skills. We have listed a few most important app types that every essay writer must have in their phone or computer.

It is has never been easier to write an essay since the advent of writing tools and applications. If our ancestors were able to write exceptional essays and stories only with the help of pens, papers, and brains, then imagine what we could do with the additional advantage of technology. Technology has crept so much into our everyday lives that we simply cannot imagine an hour without it. Right from washing clothes to reading books, we require the aid of technology. If writing essays were ever a pain, technology has healed that with élan. Here are a few app types you can use to boost your essay writing skills for smart phones and desktops alike.


The Dictionary and Thesaurus Apps

Dictionary always comes in handy while reading or writing something. In writing for instance, if you have a word in place that goes with a particular sentence but are not quite sure what that word exactly means, you can quickly refer to a dictionary app and get the thing sorted. Additionally, if you are stuck while writing an essay all for the want of the perfect word, you can check for synonyms of the word at hand with the help of a thesaurus app.”Our portal certainly helps with your “essay problem” ASAP”.

Basic Essay Writing Apps

If you have gone too far down the road of essay writing to have forgotten the simple basics, you don’t need to look for essay help online. You can quickly refer to the basics in various essay writing apps. Some apps even throw essay writing tips on your screen from time to time, just to ensure that they get stuck into your head for good.

Essay Editing Apps

The essay editing apps are similar to the Microsoft Word application, but at more advanced levels. They will not only correct your spellings, but also modify your sentence structures in order to make them grammatically accurate. Even unnecessary passive voice and abstract language is highlighted in such apps. If you are willing to shell out a bit, you can get an entire expert editing application that will edit essay thoroughly, without a single grammatical or logical error.

Notepad Apps

One of the simplest apps in the market, the notepad app, is also one of the most useful ones for essay writers. A few well developed notepad apps open up at the click of a button and make notes at the sound of your voice. In the midst of your research, you only need to say what you want to note, and the app will do the rest.

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